Over the next two and a half years, the CODE2 project will develop 27 national cogeneration roadmaps  that will help to further improve the policy framework, market conditions and awareness around cogeneration in each EU Member State.

The new Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), repealing the Cogeneration Directive, provides a new legal tool for cogeneration by proposing national heating and cooling plans and other policy initiatives.
Dr Fiona Riddoch
The CODE2 experts will incorporate as much as possible the final form of these plans in their roadmaps.

Dr Fiona Riddoch, Managing Director of COGEN Europe, said “Cogeneration is an opportunity Europe cannot afford to ignore if it wishes to reach its energy and climate targets. Member States should use the opportunities offered in the EED to put the right frameworks in place and address existing hurdles. CODE2 will help by gathering and sharing best practice examples from successful national approaches.”

CODE2 is co-funded by the IEE (Intelligent Energy Europe) programme and the

project consortium gathers experts from across the European Union.

The project found that despite the Directive’s impetus cogeneration did not substantially increase in Europe.

Member States were obliged to identify the potential for cogeneration but there was no obligation to act upon these findings.

Through individual roadmaps the new project will offer Member States a concrete way forward and thereby significantly contribute to realising Europe’s energy efficiency potential.

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