Mixed outlook for CHP markets ” good prospects for Italy, Belgium

So says a new research service launched by Delta Energy & Environment, which also suggests that:
ࢀ¢ Italy is currently one of Europe’s most attractive and active markets with favourable economic conditions and a large growth potential.
ࢀ¢ In Germany, little new industrial capacity has been developed in recent years, because of poor spark spreads and limited policy support. There is some prospect of increased policy support which, if it emerges, will help unlock a very considerable growth potential.
ࢀ¢ In China, there is a considerable growth in energy demand across all sectors, plus heavy investment in natural gas supply ” yet many of the best opportunities for CHP investment lie in biogas and other non natural gas applications.

In the wake of increasing energy prices, efficient power generation is emerging as a primary focus area in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries, which are rapidly developing their economies and national infrastructure to match their western counterparts. Cogeneration stands out as a viable means to reduce the cost impact of rising energy prices, while also helping achieve environmental targets.

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