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Mexican bill opens up opportunity

The Mexican government has unveiled a bill that would open up more opportunities for cogeneration to flourish in the country.

While the bill is mainly concerned with changing the Mexican constitution to let it partner with private companies to find and produce oil and gas in a country, it also seeks to liberalize Mexico’s electricity sector by allowing private firms to produce and sell electricity to consumers.

A third of Mexico’s electricity is generated by private firms under a cogeneration plan where they produce power for themselves and sell the extra to the state electric utility.

If the legislation passes it will continue to encourage an environment where combined heat and power can grow.

The move would end the monopoly of the Federal Electricity Commission, potentially lowering electricity prices for companies and residents. The bill now goes to Mexico’s congress, which will take up the bill in September, officials said.

The conservative opposition has said it would support the proposals, giving Mr. Peàƒ±a Nieto’s Institutional Revolutionary Party the two-thirds majority it will need to pass the constitutional changes.

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