Methane cogen project wins US EPA award

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded a PISCES Award to the methane power cogeneration and digester project at the Marlay-Taylor water reclamation facility in Maryland, US.

The reconstruction and improvement project, designed by the consulting firm Dewberry, was noted for successfully minimizing methane emissions, while reducing energy costs without a significant expansion onto previously undisturbed land.

The Marlay-Taylor power cogeneration and digester upgrade project captures methane created during the wastewater treatment process and uses the gas to generate electricity for the treatment plant.

The heat produced in the process is used in the digesters to aid in the production of additional methane.

The project involved reconstruction of the two primary anaerobic digester lids; repairs to the digester tanks; construction of new facilities to capture, clean, and store methane gas; and installation of two 165 kW generators.

It is anticipated that the project will supply approximately 25% of the plant’s electricity and meet 100% of the digester heat requirements.

The project was funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Maryland Clean Water State Revolving Fund.

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