MEPs supportive of 2030 EU energy efficiency target

As Europe’s Parliament formulates its 2030 energy and climate policy, a majority of MEPs has expressed support for including energy efficiency targets.

During a debate last week, Belgian MEP Anne Delvaux (European People’s Party) argued that politicians underestimate energy efficiency’s potential role in meeting EU climate targets, while UK MEP Fiona Hallà‚ (Liberal Democrat)à‚ said boosting energy efficiency could deliver energy savings of up to 40% by 2030. German MEP Peter Liese (EPP) called for a binding 2030 target, saying the EU made a mistake in failing to make energy efficiency a cornerstone of its previous policy.
European Parliament
The debate ‘revealed the breadth of support for more action on energy efficiency beyond 2020,’ said Fiona Riddoch, COGEN Europe’s managing director. ‘Energy efficiency measures like CHP create employment and can be a powerful stimulus for European industry and services,’ she said.

The 2030 climate and energy framework is expected to be published in January 2014.

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