Proposed investments of £72 million ($108 million) over four years have been unveiled by the London Development Agency (LDA) as part of a targeted 60% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from the city by 2025.

A major plank of the proposals is a focus on decentralised energy, waste and energy efficiency in existing buildings – areas the Agency identifies as offering the best return on investment. Decentralised energy schemes are also expected to result in major reductions in carbon emissions through the development of local combined heat and power and district heating networks.

The LDA says it has already identified a pipeline of district heating projects designed to save 110,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. Over its four-year lifetime the programme is expected to deliver cuts of 1.5 million tonnes per annum.

LDA group director for Design, Development and Environment, Peter Bishop, said: ‘The London Development Agency is now looking to achieve tangible results and make the biggest impact in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. We want to be able to show that we are making a measurable difference on climate change.’