The Environment Agency has awarded a full Environmental Permit to energy from waste business Energos ( to operate a small scale advanced conversion technology (ACT) facility at Knowsley Industrial Park, Merseyside, England.

The 96,000 tonne-a-year Knowsley Energy Recovery Facility, using the patented Energos gasification process,  has also been selected by Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) to manage short-term treatment of residual, non-recyclable waste, helping to divert it from landfill.
The project will create 9 MW of green power, equivalent to the output of 15 large wind turbines. It is designed to complement local recycling initiatives and to process only non-hazardous, residual waste, with an ability to accept a variety of waste streams, including refuse derived fuel (RDF).

The scheme will use an advanced conversion technology (ACT) gasification technique, which is a best practice clean technology. Rather than burning non-recyclable waste, it converts it into a gas via a rigorously controlled two-stage thermal treatment process – using the heat of partial combustion.  The gas is then fully combusted to generate heat, which is used to produce steam and electricity.

The combined heat and power process will generate heat for use by neighbouring businesses, as well as electricity.

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