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Lithuanian policy change costs jobs at Vilnius CHP

A decision by the Lithuanian government to suspend electricity production in combined heat and power plants has resulted in the loss of 114 employees by Energy service company Vilniaus Energija.

The government announced that public service obligation quotas would be eliminated for power plants on 1 January 2016. The Ministry of Energy has also publicly stated that Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant TE-3 was no longer essential in order to supply heat to Vilnius city. Abolition of public service obligation quotas makes the activities of the plant impossible as it cannot produce heat without generating electricity.
Vilnius CHP plant
As a result of the action the plant will be closed on the 1st of January.

“We did everything to preserve as many jobs as possible. Unfortunately, we will have to part ways with 114 colleagues,” said Linas Samuolis, the President of Vilniaus Energija.