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Key parliamentary committee to examine potential scope for CHP

The potential role combined heat and power can play in the UK’s overall energy system is to be examined later this month by a key parliamentary committee at Westminster.

The Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA) will appear before the committee to speak about the benefits of local, decentralised energy to the UK.
The parliamentary Energy and Climate Change Committee announced last month it would hold an inquiry into local energy, noting that new technologies, which can be built at much smaller scale (for example wind, solar and combined heat and power) have opened up new opportunities for different forms of ownership, such as projects owned by community groups, co-operatives, local authorities and commercial organisations.

The Committee highlighted that this has the potential to tap into new sources of investment.

The Committee is also set to explore the extent to which government policy currently supports these types of development.

The CHPA’s written evidence to the Committee said that while the Government has provided strong rhetorical support for decentralised and local energy, the scale of the institutional inertia needed to be overcome is substantial, and crosses across a number of different government and non-government organisations.

Therefore the CHPA called for a shift change in governmental and regulatory thinking, where policies are developed for the decentralised and local generator first, and then scaled up to ensure they work for the larger generator.

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