Iran’s first cogeneration plant has come online in the central Yazd province.

The plant was inaugurated earlier this month in a ceremony attended by the country’s deputy energy minister, Sattar Mahmoudi. 

The $10.5m Alyaf Gostar plant was realized through a public-private partnership according to Mohammad Hassan Sabbaghzadegan, managing director of the Yazd Regional Electricity Company, who spoke to Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency at the inauguration ceremony. 

The 14.4 MW plant features 12 heat engines according to Sabbaghzadegan, who added that its electrical efficiency is 40 per cent and its thermal efficiency is 28 per cent. Of its total output, 75 per cent is planned to be used by the Yazd industrial sector, largely in the production of synthetic fibre.

And Iran’s second CHP plant may not be far behind. In June, a 7 MW, $3.1m plant in the northwestern Ardebil province was reported as being ready for commissioning.  

Iranian-English economic newspaper the Financial Times reported that the Ardebil plant’s steam will be used to heat a greenhouse (not yet built) and its power will be supplied to the cities of Meshgin Shahr and Parsabad.  

An advisor to the Iran Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission Company (Tavanir) reportedly said the plant’s launch, which had been planned for the previous fiscal year, was delayed after necessary equipment was temporarily impounded by customs officials.