Greater CHP penetration can aid European recovery

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The cogeneration industry believes it can be a hugely positive influence in assisting European industry emerge from the ongoing slump.

The industry’s representative body, COGEN Europe points out that industrial cogeneration currently saves Europe over 15 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Toe) per year.

Araceli Fernandez Pales from the International Energy Agency, and who will be speaking at the forthcoming COGEN Europe conference, emphasises that “there is great potential for energy savings through an increased penetration of CHP applications in industrial sectors, especially in heat demand-intensive industrial processes, such as the chemicals and petrochemicals sector.”

Fiona Riddoch, Managing Director of COGEN Europe, said that “cogeneration is the best available technology in terms of efficiency in several sectors but there is an overhead in cost to running such a facility. Particularly at a time where fuel prices are in flux across the globe, industries are having to take tough decisions near term.”

Araceli Fernandez Pales added that, “the IEA estimates that in the OECD European countries about 8% -or 200 Peta Joule- of these two sectors’ 2010 final energy use -excluding feedstock- could be saved by the wide use of cogeneration. In an environment of increasing energy prices, cogeneration can play a relevant role in helping reduce the energy costs of key industrial processes. “
This year conference will focus on industry, innovation and the European economy.

The IEA and other high level organisations will address the issue of both the near and the long term challenges for industries and what that it actually means for European energy and industry policy during the conference, being held on the 18-19 April in Brussels.

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