The Federal Republic of Germany has received the COGEN Europe Recognition Award 2009 in the category ‘Policy Development,’ recognising the Member State which recently has progressed most significantly in implementing policy in support of cogeneration.

The Award Ceremony took place during COGEN Europe’s Annual Conference Dinner in Brussels recently and was accepted by Manfred Schüller (CDU/CSU) and Jasmin Gassen (SPD) on behalf of the German Parliament.

Germany currently is leading in Europe in its active approach towards the promotion of cogeneration. It has identified very significant potential to further extend the use of cogeneration within its energy supply system and has launched an ambitious initiative aiming to double the share of cogenerated electricity to 25% of total electricity production by 2020, involving a massive expansion of capacity over the 21 GWe cogeneration currently installed.

The German National CHP Association B.KWK (Bundesverband Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung), representing the manufacturers and other actors engaged in the CHP sector, was also recognised in the same award category. Klaus Traube, Vice-President of the B.KWK, said: ‘It is good to see that CHP is more and more recognised as an important element of a sustainable energy future. We hope that this award is a lucid signal also to other governments in Europe and worldwide.’