German cleantech company InvenSor has highlighted a manufacturing industry trend towards the use of adsorption cooling, which is continuing unabated in 2015.

Demand for simple cooling solutions has risen significantly over the last two years, the company says, citing figures from the German Federal Environment Agency that indicate approximately 14% of final energy demand in the past year was accounted for by cooling technology.

Industrial applications have a particularly high potential for utilisation of adsorption chillers. Potential applications range from surface finishing and injection moulding to the processing of foods. Baked goods manufacturers, such as Otto Beier Waffelfabrik GmbH from Lower Bavaria and Wikana Keks und Nahrungsmittel GmbH from Lutherstadt Wittenberg (both Germany) use modern energy recovery systems to cool their temperature-sensitive goods and materials. In the case of Wikana, the driving heat required for the chillers comes from a baking line – energy which was dissipated into the environment in the past.

Meanwhile Oberflächentechnik Döbeln GmbH near Dresden combines its two InvenSor adsorption chillers with two combined heat and power systems (CHP) to cool delicate galvanic baths. The system runs year round generating electricity, heat and cooling.

‘Looking at the large number of different cooling projects throughout Germany, the vast potential of this technology becomes clear,’ says Sören Paulußen, managing director of InvenSor GmbH.