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Construction industry lobbies UK government to improve building efficiency

Last week, 30 construction, heat and energy efficiency organisations, including Arup and The ADE, called on the UK Government to publish a strong ‘Clean Growth Plan’ with bold new polices to reduce emissions from homes and offices.à‚ 

A letter addressed to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Greg Clark, urged the UK Government to use its forthcoming plan to reduce carbon emissions[1], now confirmed to be called the ‘Clean Growth Plan'[2], to address the significant gap in policy to tackle emissions from buildings.
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With over 40% of UK energy used to heat buildings[3], organisations includingà‚ B&Q owner Kingfisher and Arupà‚ areà‚ calling for action on buildings, one of the weakest areas of Government policy to tackle climate change.à‚ 

The collective called for greater action on the transition to low carbon heat by helping investment in district heat networks and faster installation of electric heat pumps in homes off the gas grid.

One such aim is a long-term target for all homes to have an energy performance rating of C or above by 2035. The introduction of minimum standards on efficiency for existing homes, enforced at the point of sale, and backed up by grants and zero interest loans.

There was also included a call for a local authority-led approach to heat decarbonisation, to ensure a long-term plan for all buildings that coordinates action on energy efficiency and low carbon heat.

Chris Jofeh, Director of Global Buildings Retrofit at Arupà‚ stated: “Decarbonising our buildings, done properly, will stimulate the economy, increase employment, reduce energy bills, enhance the UK’s energy security, and help the UK to honour its climate commitments. This is an opportunity for all of us to shape a better world for future generations.”