COGEN Europe hopeful Commission redresses omission of heating and cooling

Europe’s main cogeneration industry lobby, COGEN Europe has yet to receive a response to its communique last week, when the body took issue with being excluded from the European Commission’s ‘Summer Package‘ energy union policy update announcement.

Despite the omission, COGEN Europe‘s Head of Policy Arnaud Duvielguerbigny told Cogeneration and On-site Power Production website the organisation is hopeful the Commission will revisit the working of its different energy and climate policies to give the heating and cooling sector the recognition it deserves.
Arnaud Duvielguerbigny of COGEN Europe
The European Commission services did sent out an invitation to “the Heating & Cooling consultation forum” (an invitation-only stakeholder meeting scheduled for early September) on the same day as COGEN Europe issued its press release pointing out its omission from the policy document.

As part of the consultation process, the Commission wants stakeholders to reflect and provide comments on five so-called ‘Issue Papers’ they have drafted. Of the five, one is labelled “linking Heating &à‚ Cooling with electricity,” hence showing that the Commission does wish to connect the two sectors.

Duvielguerbigny told COSPP, “There is nevertheless a clear objective on the part of the Commission to work on the heating and cooling sector in order to support the power sector. The growing issues of power demand-supply mismatch and depressed electricity demand would then be partly fixed by expanding the penetration rate of electricity in the European economy. Heat ‘sinks’ would absorb excess electricity from wind and PV, and CHP would provide for times of the day/year when variable renewable electricity sources are not be available.”

The policy chief again reinforces his belief that heating and cooling technologies be given parity with the other electricity modes mentioned in the ‘Summer Package’ document.

“While we do not see any problem with this vision and this is already the case in Denmark where a string of small-scale CHPs help to balance wind output, it is striking to highlight that as part of its ‘Summer Package’ the Commission launched a public consultation on the new energy market design which in effect is a consultation on the electricity market design.”

“The communication and its set of questions do not contain a single word on heat, and its authors seem to take the view that renewable electricity only comes from PV, wind and hydro; thereby disregarding green cogenerated electricity from bioenergy plants. COGEN Europe is nevertheless hopeful that the Commission will revisit the working of its different energy and climate policies to make the heating & cooling sector a brother of the electricity sector with equal rights.”

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