An untapped potential of 120 GWe of CHP could be developed in European Union (EU) Member States by 2020, according to the results of the CODE (Cogeneration Observatory and Dissemination Europe) project.
CODE is an EU co-funded project that monitors the implementation of the Cogeneration Directive in the 27 Member States.
The 33-month project is to come to an end soon and a CODE Final Dissemination Workshop took place in Brussels last week where the project partners presented the final results to a wide representation of the European cogeneration sector.
The project ends at a time when the EU is discussing the future direction of its energy policy, and has started the revision of the Cogeneration Directive.
Over the past three years, CODE has seen a slow implementation of the Cogeneration Directive and highly variable reporting back to the Commission by Member States.
Analysis of the 27 national reports has shown that there is a potential of a further 120 GWe, equivalent to primary energy savings of 35 mtoe, for cogeneration in Europe, with most Member States being able to double or add 50% additional capacity to their existing installed base.
The CODE project will release a handbook of best practice cases soon, and will conclude with the publication of a draft European Cogeneration Roadmap.
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