Canberra’s new energy plan targets cogen

Cogeneration is to be an important part of the Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) plan to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets are reached.

The policy will promote clean energy via an investigation into the feasibility of creating energy from waste, and an assessment of distributed generation technology in upcoming major building developments.

The deployment of distributed generation options, including cogeneration, trigeneration and large-scale, low emissions generation technologies, will also be encouraged.

To encourage the smarter use of energy, the development of secure and affordable energy, and the growth of the clean economy, the ACT Government has specified various measures, including: a target for the per capita usage of non-renewable electricity, a new energy savings initiative, stimulating the broad-scale energy efficiency improvements of homes and small businesses across the ACT.

The plan also looks to support national energy policy and market frameworks that integrate social, economic and environmental policy objectives and represent the interests of the ACT and continued support for capability development in ACT companies that are developing clean technology products and services.

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