Leva Energy, a Californian cleantech start-up that can convert its current boiler into an efficient CHP system, is seeking to benefit from new regulations to be introduced in California that require operators to upgrade their boilers so they emit less nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Beginning next January in the counties that are part of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), operators of gas-fired boilers and steam generators have to conform to new clean air certification requirements.

Leva Energy plans to retrofit existing boilers with its power burner to generate cleaner and cheaper electrical power that Leva claims will normally pay for itself within two years.

“Most business owners believe their only options for lowering NOx are to spend money on new, ultra-low NOx burners that offer no payback or to buy expensive selective catalytic reduction systems.

In fact, these options often sacrifice energy efficiency or add operating costs in order to achieve lower NOx,” said Franco Castaldini, president and co-founder of Leva Energy.

“You can upgrade your existing boiler to meet ultra-low NOx regulations and simultaneously generate clean electrical power that quickly pays you back for your low-NOx investment.

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