Aggreko, the global provider of modular, mobile power, has been contracted to deliver 20 MW of flexible, reliable power via a LPG-powered Next Generation Gas Generator in 60 Hz on the island of St Croix, Virgin Islands.

This solution is expected to provide $6 million of savings to the island in the first two years, resulting in electricity savings for the end user.

The generation solution will be comprised of 1.2 MW power modules to maximise, system reliability, efficiency and flexibility while providing power to approximately 26,000 customers. Supply will vary to cover day and night-time demand-side changes, using Aggreko’s modular power design to ensure homes and businesses have access to reliable power. 
Aggreko modular power
Aggreko’s solution replaces an existing power Generator, which has been offline since it was damaged due to mechanical component failure. The 20MW power plant will meet all local and federal EPA emissions requirements including a continuous emissions monitoring system. 

The recent incorporation of LPG fuel to the island is providing St. Croix with a cleaner burning fuel and lower cost of generation when compared to diesel.

Signed with the Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority (VIWAPA), this LPG-fuelled NGG Generator solution comprises a $23.8 million contract lasting 36 months.

Aggreko’s Managing Director for Latin America and The Caribbean, Ana Amicarella, said:

“As energy markets continue to undergo profound transformation in search of reduction in the cost of generation and lower emissions alternatives, both Aggreko and our customers are having to rapidly respond. Our new LPG-powered NGG Generator contract in St. Croix is one example of such a response.

“This modular, flexible solution will guarantee greater energy efficiency in line with the unique needs of the island – where demand can change as much as 40% between day and night. In so doing, we have been able to down the cost of energy for the end-user whilst providing a robust and reliable solution to ensure a stable power supply.”

Executive Director and CEO of VIWAPA, Lawrence Kupfer, said:

“Aggreko’s 20MW gas power plant will bolster capacity on St. Croix and provide crucial power for us to keep businesses and homes powered. The flexibility afforded through Aggreko’s innovative solution matches perfectly the unique characteristics of our island. This NGG solution will replace a less efficient unit and help us generate net savings of approximately $6 million over a two-year period.”

Meanwhile the Glasgow-based firm was awarded a Board of Trade Award for outstanding contributions to international trade by the Department for International Trade (DIT). The award is given to six leading export British businesses each year.

In particular, the Board of Trade highlighted the company’s work on this year’s Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

The project involved laying a length of cable 100x the height of Mount Everest (985km), exporting 232 generators to one of the world’s coldest locations, and designing, servicing and decommissioning the site in South Korea.

Two months later at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, 120 Aggreko employees helped power 34 venues for 6,600 competitors and 672,000 spectators.