Statistics reveal insight into health of CHP in UK

The UK’s department of energy and climate change (DECC) has released a report on the state of the combined heat and power sector in the country for the period covering 2012-2013.

Writing in the CHPA’s blog, Claire Wych noted the main headlines from the Energy Trends document.

There was a net increase of 59 combined heat and power schemes during the period, taking the total to more than 2000 in the UK.
Capacityà‚ remained stable with a tiny decrease of 5 MW in good quality CHP.

The percentage of renewable fuel rose from 7% to 10% with the English West Midlands region leading the way with 34% of total fuel used being from renewable sources.

Meanwhile natural gas now makes up 67% of fuel use (a 4% decrease.)

Wych noted that the report showed the North West also had a good year with a ‘noticeable growth’ in combined heat and power thanks to additional capacity being built in the paper sector. The North West also led the way in heat generation, with their share of 22%.

Yorkshire and Humber continued to lead the pack, with CHP making up 24% of total electricity generation.

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