The market for small to medium-scale CHP schemes in Europe is likely to double, from around 1 GWe of units installed in the year 2010 to very nearly 2 GWe installed per year by 2020.

This is according to multi-client studies carried out by decentralized energy specialist Delta Energy & Environment (Delta-ee).

Sales in Europe are likely to be dominated by those in the top five countries, including Germany, the UK and Italy – which together account for almost 80% of the amount to be installed in 2020, says Delta-ee.

Delta-ee expects to see a steadily growing share of biogas-based systems in most countries, with some notable exceptions where it expects gas-fired systems to take a greater share.

The study covers small- to medium-scale CHP in the range 400 kWe to 5 MWe.

The study looked at 18 countries in all. Growth in CHP at this scale is generally being driven by low-carbon policies in many countries, together with strengthening efficiency trends and better spark spreads.

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