Signing ceremony for Chinese cogeneration plant expansion

The signing ceremony for the survey and engineering contract between Northwest Electric Power Design Institute (NWEPDI) (Xian, Shaanxi) and Yulin Yushen Coal and Power Group Company Limited (Yushen Coal) (Yulin, Shaanxi) for a 700 MW cogeneration expansion of the Yulin North Suburban Thermal Power Plant has been held.

Industrial Info reports that the plant currently has two 50 MW coal-fired combined heat and power units in operation. The 700 MW cogeneration expansion project is north of the existing plant.

According to the planning, the project will be furnished with two 350-MW supercritical air-cooling coal-fired cogeneration units.

Yulin Yushen Coal North Suburban Thermal Power Company Limited (Yulin, Shaanxi), a subsidiary of Yushen Coal, will be responsible for the construction and future operation of the project.

The feasibility study report of the project was approved by an expert panel in the beginning of August 2011. Later that month, the project owner issued the invitation for bids for survey and engineering services for the project. Through public bidding, the NWEPDI finally won the contract.

As per schedule, construction of the project will be kicked off in the second half this year. Both units of the project will begin operations in 2014.

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