Siemens Webcast Focusing on Challenges of DERs

Distributed generation offers many good things to the energy consumer, from grid freedom to the environmental satisfaction of a lower carbon footprint. Yet integrating these diverse and dispersed resources is a challenge both technically and financially. Some of the biggest challenges to implementing and optimizing distributed generation/onsite power are created by marketplace complexities.

An upcoming webcast presented by Decentralized Energy will focus on the ways common challenges are changing equipment and solutions. Bill Castor, vice president of Business Development for Siemens Energy Inc., will explain why it is important to think holistically when implementing an on-site generation solution.

This free webcast titled “Navigating Through the Challenges of Implementing Successful On-site Generation Solutions in a Complex Market,” will occur at 11 a.m. EDT (15:00 GMT) on August 15. Click here to register for the one-hour event that will provide you with an insightful look at the benefits and challenges of distributed generation.



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