Siemens to deliver gas-fired power plant to Thailand

Siemens has received a $550m order for the delivery of a turnkey combined cycle power plant to Thailand.

The contract has been awarded to both Siemens and its Japanese consortium partner Marubeni Corporation by the state-owned utility Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand.
SGT5-8000H gas turbine
The gas-fired power plant in South Bangkok consists of two units in a single-shaft configuration and will feature two H-class gas turbines for the first time in the country. After commissioning in 2019 the 1200 MW power plant is expected to power 1.5 million Thai households, according to Power Magazine.

The plant comes in as a part of the Thai governmentà‚´s Project Development Plan. The goal of this programme is to provide a safe, affordable and environmentally friendly solution for the growing energy demand in the country. Thailand is depending more on imported liquified natural gas (LNG) so the need of highly efficient power plants is gaining momentum.

“This the first time that Siemens will supply its largest and most efficient gas turbine to the country,” said Willi Meixner, CEO of the Siemens Power and Gas Division.

Siemens will deliver the key components consisting of two SGT5-8000H gas turbines, two SGen5-3000W generators and two steam turbines of model SST5-5000. Also included are two heat recovery steam generators engineered by NEM and the SPPA-T3000 control system. The consortium partner Marubeni is responsible for civil and erection works, cooling tower, high voltage gas insulated switchyard and some balance of plant equipment.

SGT5-8000H gas turbine siemens power plant thailand


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