The head of Siemens gas turbine solutions, Lothar Balling, had paid tribute to the potential of CHP.

Mr Balling was speaking about the opening of a new CHP power plant in Dusseldorf, Germany when he made his comments.

Lothar Balling
The new CHP power plant in Lausward (Düsseldorf), starting commercial operation in 2016, will be a landmark for future power generation in Germany and beyond and emphasizes the role of CHP combined cycle power plants as an engine of the energy system transition.
Commenting on the potential for CHP Lothar Balling said “the energy landscape profits from CHP in various ways: high combined cycle efficiency, a relatively small additional investment based upon compact single shaft configuration, high plant availability and flexible operation regime and long maintenance intervals.

All these aspects result in low life cycle costs. CHP is not the only way to a greener and sustainable future, but a major one
The Dusseldorf plant aims to set a new world record with an electrical unit output of around 595 MW and a net efficiency of over 61 per cent.

The manufacturer Siemens claims that never before has it been possible to extract 300 MWth of district heat from a single power plant unit in combined cycle operation, making the overall efficiency of the natural gas fuel be around 85 per cent.
Major players GE Power & Water and Caterpillar will join Siemens and present their views on how manufacturers are adjusting to the rapidly changing energy policy demands at the COGEN Europe Annual Conference (18-19 April in Brussels). More information on this event can be found on

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