Capstone Turbine Corp has received an order for a C1000 microturbine to upgrade a food manufacturing facility for Sicilian pasta maker Tomasello, which produces up to 5000 tonnes of pasta annually.

Tomasello sought to reduce production-related costs and become more energy efficient with a combined heat and power (CHP) application and the microturbine installation is expected to achieve 30% primary energy savings. The C1000 will be used to power and heat the facility as well as produce hot water for pasta production (pictured).

Onda Energia, the local multi-utility energy service company (ESCO), placed the order with IBT Group, Capstone’s Italian distributor and the installation will work in parallel with the region’s utility grid, providing improved energy management and reliability to the food manufacturer. The project is expected to be commissioned in early 2015.

Luigi Martines, Onda Energia CEO, explained the decision to use a microturbine: ‘We decided to use Capstone technology instead of a traditional engine because with this technology it is possible to maximize the production of super-heated water that is required for this application.’