Scotland awards $3.5m for decentralized energy projects

Twelve decentralized green energy projects have won a total of à‚£2.6m ($3.5m) through a Scottish support scheme.

The awards from Scotland’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP) include a low-carbon heat scheme at the University of the West of Scotland’s Ayr campus and energy efficient housing for elderly residents. à‚ 

Of the 12 projects, ten won support totalling à‚£550,000 to produce investment-grade business cases. This support will be matched by project partners.

Two projects received à‚£1.95m, to be matched by the Scottish government’s District Heating Loan Fund.

Further details of the winning projects were not given. However, the LCITP lists fundable categories including geothermal heating, water source heat pumps, local energy and low carbon demonstrator projects.

Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, said Scotland “has set some of the most ambitious carbon reduction targets on the planet ” exceeding the requirements of the Paris agreement – and is making excellent progress towards meeting them.

“We have also set our sights on eradicating fuel poverty ” which is an unacceptable blight on too many households in Scotland in 2017 – as energy prices have risen steadily, at a time when wages have been depressed due to a weak UK economy and austerity.

“These twin challenges drive our ambition forà‚ innovative local energy projects, such as those for which we are today announcing à‚£2.6 million of funding, as these will provide many consumers, including in some of Scotland’s most remote areas, with an alternative, greener, and potentially cheaper energy source.

“The construction and maintenance of these projects will also have the added benefit of creating and sustaining jobs, and in doing so can bolster local economies.”à‚ 

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