A school in Connecticut, US has benefited to the tune of $119,000 a year since the installation of a combined heat and power system in 2008.

Aegis Energy Services installed two ThermoPower CHP units that collectively provide 150kw of power to the school. An analysis of the system showed the installation has provided the significant annual savings to the Windham Public Schools system.

“It has reduced our electricity costs,” said Donaldson, the Director of Buildings and Grounds for the Windham Public Schools. “The cost of natural gas is less than electricity and that has had the largest impact.”

The Aegis system provides electricity for the high school, and also heats the Olympic-sized swimming pool.

The Aegis Energy Services, Inc CHP systems include a natural gas-fueled engine, induction generator, microprocessor control panel, protective switchgear, and heat recovery equipment. Each cogen module is enclosed in a sound attenuated cover and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

School systems, historically strapped for cash and often marked for harsh cuts come budget time, can also benefit from CHP through Aegis Energy Services’ Shared Savings program. The program allows clients to take advantage of energy cost savings from an Aegis Combined Heat and Power system regardless of their capital improvement budget.

Windham High School’s CHP system is also capable of operating in the event of a grid failure, and has provided heat and electricity during the blackouts of the past few years.

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