Russia to build small scale floating nuclear CHP plants

30 October 2002 – A report by the press service for the Russian Ministry of Atomic Energy says that Aleksander Rumyantsev, Russian minister of atomic energy has approved the technical project for a floating power generating unit with nuclear reactors for a small capacity nuclear heating and power plant.

The press service specified that “the project was developed by five enterprises of the industry to the order of the Rosenergomash concern. ” The technical project provides for construction of a floating nuclear heating and power plant to generate and transfer of 70 MW of electricity and 50 Gcal per hour heat to consumers. This is the world first floating nuclear heating and power plant being created.

The specialists of the Atomic Ministry stated that the basic small capacity nuclear power plant is supposed to be built and placed on a floating power generating unit in the city of Severodvinsk in the Archangelsk region (in the north of the country).

Prior to its approval the project was considered by and agreed with basic organizations of Rossudostroyeniye (Russian shipbuilding department), Russian Atomic Ministry, Inspection on nuclear-powered vessels of the Russian Naval navigation register, Russian Health Ministry, manufacturing plant “Sevmash”. Positive conclusions were obtained from the Public and State ecological expert commissions and the Russian Gosatomnadzor.

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