Rolls-Royce merger to diversify battery storage options

Willkommen bei Rolls-Royce: Andreas Schell (rechts), CEO des Rolls-Royce-Geschäftsbereichs Power Systems, begrüßt Steffen Heinrich (links), den Mitgründer und Geschäftsführer des Stromspeicherspezialisten Qinous GmbH. Rolls-Royce hält ab dem 15. Januar 2020 mit 73,1 Prozent der Anteile die Mehrheit an Qinous. Welcome to Rolls-Royce: Andreas Schell (right), CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems Division, welcomes Steffen Heinrich (left) co-founder and co-managing director of power storage specialist Qinous GmbH. Rolls-Royce will hold a 73.1% majority stake in Qinous GmbH from 15 January 2020.

Rolls-Royce will hold a 73.1 percent majority stake in Berlin-based electricity storage specialist Qinous GmbH from 15 January 2020.

The Group is acquiring the shareholdings of all other current financial investors, including that of investment holdings company IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH.

The company is involved in battery storage systems and associated control systems, and has already implemented storage solutions around the world.

“Our new subsidiary is to play a pivotal role going forward,” said Andreas Schell, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems Division. “This is where we are going to pool all the division’s microgrid activities ” from simple storage solutions to complete, complex microgrid solutions of various sizes and configurations. As a young, start-up-style company, Qinous brings expertise that is an ideal complement to Rolls-Royce’s industrial credentials.”

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The joint development work on a range of storage solutions in recent months has shown that the two companies are an excellent fit and, as Schell explained, “that we can achieve new market potential by integrating more closely. We see great market potential for sustainable power supplies, especially for distributed, environmentally-friendly MTU microgrid solutions.”

“Taking a majority holding in Qinous is a major step forward as we transform into a provider of integrated solutions for our customers. Qinous has made a name for itself with modular, scalable, prefabricated plug-and-play battery products that combine renewable energy sources, power generators and battery storage technology. Rolls-Royce is a specialist in customized energy solutions with the worldwide sales and service network of its product and solution brand MTU.

“This even closer partnership between Rolls-Royce and Qinous is a logical and consistent step towards opening up the rapidly growing microgrid market. The functionality and reliability of the solutions have been proven in a large number of projects. Now, with MTU’s experience and global presence, we can meet demand more quickly and more comprehensively,” said Steffen Heinrich, co-founder and co-managing director of Qinous. “Also on behalf of co-managing director Reinhard Edelmann and co-founder Busso von Bismarck, I want to thank the seedcorn investors who made it possible to set Qinous up as a company, and who have supported us actively right through to the present day.”

The modular component system of the coordinated Qinous/MTU product range will in future allow the configuration of solutions from 30 kW/30 kWh to several megawatts.

“The range of services and deliverables covers the needs of commercial enterprises, municipal utilities, energy suppliers, and even sizeable industrial plants. Together with Qinous, we can offer customers a wide range of microgrid solutions consisting of different combinations of power generation and storage systems,” said Cordelia Thielitz, vice president of Rolls-Royce’s Microgrid Solutions business.

“The key to this is the comprehensive expertise in storage technology, the efficient integration of microgrid components and the development of intelligent control systems,” Thielitz emphasized.

Image courtesy of Rolls-Royce.

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