The Progress Group, part of generating set manufacturer FG Wilson’s global network of dealers, has completed short term operating reserve installations at three sites in the UK for National Grid.

Short term operating reserve is designed to offer back-up to balance supply and demand on short timescales that could not be achieved with conventional large-scale power during significant spikes in demand or failures of existing production.

In total there are 61 FG Wilson gensets across the three sites in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, each specifically arranged and customised to meet the individual project requirements.

Phil Starr of the Progress Group said: “With an unusually large number of generator sets involved in each project, devising a control system capable of effectively synchronizing the units was vital to the overall success of the installations.

“It is somewhat unusual for so many generator sets to be installed at one site and this provided a major challenge in designing a synchronizing control panel. The STOR sites are in rural areas which required us to pay particular attention to noise regulations as well as paying due heed to the impact on the local environment.”

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