85 per cent of respondents to a recent Power Engineering International (PEI) poll believe power utility, E.ON (FWB: EOAN) is on the right track, in investing in distributed generation as a key element in transforming Germany’s energy future.
Ingo Luge
Compiled through PEI’s web site and PEI LinkedIn Group online, the results show PEI readers concur with E.ON Chief Ingo Luge.

The poll asked readers if they were in agreement with the statement:

 E.ON’s Ingo Luge says that they aim ‘to play our part in transforming Germany’s energy system’ by expanding its distributed generation business. Are E.ON right to pursue this strategy? Yes or No.

It is clear that in the wake of the German government’s decision to quit nuclear power, distributed generation, including cogeneration and on-site energy sources are seen by a majority of respondents within the power sector as highly relevant replacement energy sources, key to assisting Europe’s largest economy in meeting an ambitious energy future.

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