Is under-exploited bio-energy CHP set for boost?

A project involving eight European model towns has produced recommendations aimed at driving uptake of bio-energy combined heat and power.

Previously there was a lack of clarity about the advantages of the technology however theà‚ CHP Goes Green project has addressed that and there is a belief that European policy is now the biggest factor for growth.

The CHP Goes Green project team will present their final results at COGEN Europe in Brussels on 19th April. Despite facing the challenge of a product which is “poorly understood and deployed”, the project has developed a strategy to move the sector forward.
Project analysis found that the EU policy (especially energy and climate targets and the RES Directive) implemented at Member State level is the main driver creating a framework for interest and action and mobilisation of stakeholders and project development.

The effect of local policy seems to be altogether less significant.
Key success factors such as linked market actors, a successful business case for the investor and a local public body with responsibility for implementing energy efficiency/CO2 reduction improvements, will be elaborated at the conference.

The components of a successful fuel supply chain, which remains a particular challenge for significant take-up of bio-energy related solutions will also be explored.

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