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Pollution control systems added to $50m Ohio CHP plant

Developers behind a $50m cogeneration plant in West Milton, Ohio, US have announced that they have added a number of pollution control systems in an effort to alleviate concerns from environmentalists about the use of tyre-derived fuel to be used by the enterprise.

The Daily Item reports that one reason that the White Deer Energy Project increased the plant’s proposed size was to offset the added costs of those measures.

“We ultimately included a highly efficient air pollution control system and continuous emissions monitoring system as part of the project,” they said.

The cost of adding the air pollution control system “represents a significant percentage of the overall project capital costs,” they said.

The project’s increased generating capacity was needed, officials said, to address the facility’s load for increased emissions control systems.

This will ensure the plant meets or exceeds both federal and state air emissions regulations, they said.

The project initially was to cost $35 million and be constructed and running sometime this year. Officials now believe the project, if approved, can be up and running near the end of 2014.

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