Poll: Distributed energy or large power plants?

Last week, a top executive at, arguably, one of Europe’s most innovative companies, in terms of the power industry, said that large power plants were set to be largely consigned to the past.

Decentralized Energy ran a brief poll to find out if this view was consensual in the electric power industry.

The poll was entitled -The days of large power plants are over and the era of distributed energy has arrived. The choices were ‘Agree’ or ‘Disagree’ or ‘Mix of both’.

The results saw a majority agreeing with Susanna Quintana-Plaza, Partner at at Siemens innovation unit, next47, who asserted at the Bloomberg New Energy conference in London that distributed energy is the future, with compulsive microgrids and localised systems connected, the way forward.

However, while only a handful of respondents believed large power plants would continue to dominate, a much larger minority believes that a mix of distributed energy and large central power plants will be the new status quo.

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