Polish power engineering group Rafako SA plans to build its own CHP plant, fuelled by biomass, in southern Poland.

Initial plans call for a 20 MW thermal capacity and 3-5 MW electric capacity of the plant, which would process tens of thousands of tonnes of biomass a year.

The company says the main goal of the investment is to supply heat to Rafako with the remainder going to the city of Raciborz. But it says heat supplies to Raciborz remain dependent on arrangements with the future owner of the local heat transmission network.

Rafako says the plant would also be a back-up electricity source in cases of grid failure.

It would have research and development functions as well, as the company aims to deploy innovative solutions which it cannot try out on its customers and to test different fuels.

Rafako intends to use environmental subsidies and grants from the European Union to fund the project.

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