‘Plug and Play’ CHP solution deployed in Mexico

A new cogeneration system is to power an animal food processing facility in Mexico.

The natural gas-fueled combined heat and power plant, installed and commissioned at the facility by US CHP system manufacturer 2G Cenergy, operates continuously, producing 400 kW of electricity and 567 kW of heat.
2G containerised CHP system
The system provides a total efficiency of close to 90%, with an electrical efficiency of 37.6%, 2G Cenergy said.

The cogeneration module was supplied as an ‘all-in-one’, ‘plug and play’ solution, the company added, in a sound-attenuated container which minimises the use of floor space while allowing for easy access and operability. Installation time was three days.

‘Natural Gas CHP systems are an excellent opportunity for manufacturing firms that consume large amounts of electrical and thermal energy,’ 2G Cenergy said.

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