19 September 2002 – In response to a statewide conservation initiative, California’s Department of General Services has introduced a pilot enterprise energy management (EEM) system in sixty-five of the buildings it manages for state government agencies.

The Department worked with Power Measurement and WebGen Systems to create an energy management system that automates conservation efforts by monitoring and controlling power usage in each of the buildings around the clock. A Power Measurement ION 8500 intelligent energy meter installed at each facility communicates with the WebGen Internet-based Use of Energy (IUE) energy conservation network to monitor power consumption and identify cost-saving opportunities.

According to Dan Fitzpatrick, Power Measurement account manager for the Department of General Services, the meters’ on-board Ethernet communications enable them to adapt seamlessly to the new system. “The meters transmit energy information to the IUE for immediate display on a web page interface, and to a Power Measurement ION Enterprise database. The database gathers and analyzes historical meter data and, together with the meters’ onboard memory, provides a crucial data backup system for the IUE in case of network failure,” said Fitzpatrick.

The system also offers the Department significant future potential. As energy prices rise and conservation becomes increasingly important, the system can be expanded to include gas, water and CO2 monitoring as well as alternative technologies like distributed generation.