The anaerobic digester processes food waste collected from Oxfordshire County Council and other local sources and produces biogas, a renewable fuel.

The biogas is used in a combined heat and power (CHP) plant, achieving fuel efficiency in excess of 84%.

Food waste is diverted from landfill and is used to create enough renewable electricity to power 6,000 average UK homes. Agrivert’s digester produces biogas, a renewable fuel which is converted at high efficiency to electricity and heat using a gas engine CHP plant installed by Clarke Energy.

The Wallingford Anaerobic Digestion facility is able to treat 45,000 tonnes of food waste originating in Oxfordshire each year. It utilises two GE Power & Water, high-efficiency JGMC416GS-BL Jenbacher gas engines.

The biogas engines are capable of producing a combined output of 4.7 MW of renewable energy in the form of 2.4MWe electricity and 2.30MWth heat.

The heat is used to keep the digesters at the correct temperatures for the plants operation, and to pasteurise the food waste, hence ensuring the fertiliser quality meets the highest standards. The electricity is in turn exported to the local electricity grid delivering renewable power to the surrounding area.

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