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Origin considers combined heat and power plant in UK town

Origin Renewable Energy is considering building a combined heat and power plant in the town of Desborough, UK.

The plant would convert waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill into heat and power for nearby homes and businesses.

The company says the plant could produce the same amount of energy as a dozen large wind turbines.

It sees the waste-to-energy “sustainable” solution as supporting the drive for smarter, cleaner technology in the effort to meet climate change agreement target.

The firm’s director Jonathon Chastney said: “Origin Renewable Energy is assessing the potential for a combined heat and power plant on the outskirts of Desborough. We are carrying out environmental and economic assessments to assess the viability.

“If we decide to proceed with the project the plant will generate renewable heat and electricity which can be used by the local community, including heat for local new homes and electricity for existing local businesses.

“Generating energy locally, supporting local jobs and businesses all contribute towards creating a more sustainable urban community.”

Mr Chastney added: “We are currently carrying out the pre-planning consultation. The planning application would be submitted later this year.”

If Origin decides to take the proposal forward, and subject to planning permission, it anticipates starting work on the project in April 2014, with construction expected to take about two years.

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