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Croatia’s largest integrated solar plant opens


A solar plant has opened at the manufacturing operation of a pharmaceuticals company in Croatia.

ABB delivers solar plant at Antarctic research base


The Uruguayan government agency Instituto Antarctico Uruguayo (IAU) is collaborating with ABB, Uruguayan utility company UTE and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) to provide a second solar power installation at the IAU’s research base in the Antarctic.

Fabric-based solar cells on the horizon

05/08/2019 New textile-based solar cells developed by Fraunhofer researchers, semitrailers could soon be producing the electricity needed to power cooling systems or other onboard equipment. In short, textile-based solar cells could soon be adding a whole new dimension to photovoltaics, complementing the use of conventional silicon-based solar cells.

GE Renewable Energy in global hydropower deal


Emrgy Inc has signed an agreement with GE Renewable Energy focusing on Emrgy’s micro hydrokinetic technology.

Siemens brings offgrid solar to Sudan as part of humanitarian aid


Siemens is to deliver solar energy solutions as part of a humanitarian package of projects to help displaced communities Sudan who have been affected by conflict in neighboring South Sudan.

EU in $4m bid to unlock cogeneration renewables potential


A four-year €4m ($4.5m) EU research project has been launched to design a small-scale cogeneration engine using biomass to produce heat and electricity – a move that the project developers believe could unlock mainstream renewables in the heating and cooling sector.

Industry opinion: Bridging the renewables gap - What role can gas hybrids play?


While the energy landscape seemed frozen in time for several decades from the 1950s until 2000, we have certainly come out of the ice age and are now headed, perhaps a little too quickly, to much warmer times.

Industry opinion: Integrating renewables into a reliable power ecosystem


Balancing renewables represents the most efficient and sustainable approach to meeting the energy needs we have now, and those of the next generation. Efficient control hardware combined with the management and optimization offered by virtual power plants provides an opportunity to meet that challenge today.

Biogas to cut emissions at Ukraine industrial plant


One of the largest agricultural producers in Ukraine is to cut 24,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from one of its facilities by installing an onsite biogas cogeneration plant.

Minigrid combines solar and digital to electrify Togo village


Solar energy is now providing the electricity for an entire village in Togo of 4000 people, powering streetlights, homes, schools and shops.

ENGIE delivers first-time electricity with Zambia mini-grid


ENGIE has inaugurated its first mini-grid in Zambia which will bring electricity for the first time to a village pf 1500 people.

ArcelorMittal Energy signs landmark PPA for Spanish solar farms


Infrastructure and private equity investment manager Foresight Group has agreed a 10-year corporate power purchase agreement with the energy arm of global steel and mining giant ArcelorMittal for two solar farms in Spain.

ABB and Rolls-Royce in microgrid and automation collaboration


ABB and Rolls-Royce have announced a global partnership on microgrid technology and advanced automation.

Netherlands solar park to create carbon-neutral village


A solar park is to be built in The Netherlands to support an energy co-operative in its bid to create a carbon neutral village.

IKEA research lab blends solar with blockchain


IKEA’s research and design laboratory SPACE10 has launched a project to explore how solar power can combine with blockchain technology.

Statkraft launches UK virtual power plant


Norwegian  energy group Statkraft is unveiled a virtual power plant in UK which connects wind, solar and gas engines with battery storage and can respond to market demands in seconds.

Solar hybrid microgrid electrifies Tanzania villages


A solar-hybrid mini-grid project is underway in Tanzania.

Siemens Gamesa wins milestone wind project in China


Siemens Gamesa has won its first windpower deal with China’s State Power Investment Corporation.

Onsite solar to power Cambodia cement factory


An onsite solar PV system in now operational at the most advanced cement factory in Cambodia.

EON to build Europe’s biggest solar PV system on Audi rooftop


Europe’s largest photovoltaic system is being built by carmaker Audi on the rooftops of two of its logistics centres in Hungary.

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