A colliery in the north Yorkshire area of England is set to be powered by a 26 MW waste to energy facility if planning permission is approved.

The application is for a 280,000 tonne per year waste to energy plant, located on the site of the Kellingley coal mine and has been submitted by integrated waste management infrastructure developer, Peel Environmental.
waste to energy
The £200m plant located near Beal would also supply heat to the local area.

Feedstock for the planned facility would comprise non-hazardous residual waste left after recycling from a range of sources across the region, including industrial, commercial and household waste.

Richard Barker, development manager, Peel Environmental told Waste Management World that “If approved, the scheme will provide a number of benefits including the operation of an efficient Combined Heat and Power system, which will use waste as a fuel to release energy,” said Barker.

“It will use up to 280,000 tonnes per year of non-hazardous residual waste including industrial, commercial and possibly household from across the region, diverting it from landfill and producing renewable energy,” he concluded.

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