WorldWater Corp. to install largest solar pump in the world

Oct. 3, 2002 — WorldWater Corp. announced it has signed a contract for $891,000 to drive a 300 horsepower compressor pumping system with its proprietary AquaMaxà¢â€ž¢ solar technology.

“The unit will operate a HydraCooler for processing food at the Lehr Brothers Inc. farm in Edison, California,” said Quentin T. Kelly, Chairman and CEO of WorldWater.

“Our newly developed solar power technology enabling us to drive pump systems up to 600 horsepower is opening the mainstream power market to us, particularly in energy and air quality-conscious states. California is first, but farms and water utilities in other states as well are contacting us,” he added.

Agriculture, water utilities and refrigeration are prime markets for the high-powered solar pumping systems, according to Kelly.

The AquaMax à¢â€ž¢ operates alone or in combination with the electric grid or diesel generators, and has the added values of cleaning up the air and the environment as well as “net metering” (saving unused self-generated solar electricity and `banking’ it with the electric utility for later use – literally running the meter backwards,) reducing demand on the utility grid, according to Dr. Anand Rangarajan, Executive Vice President of WorldWater.

The Lehr solar HydraCooler sytem should be in operation by December of this year, he said.

WorldWater announced its first sale ($287,000) of the proprietary AquaMaxà¢â€ž¢ in August to drive a 50 horsepower irrigation pump and light up outer buildings of the D.T. Locke Ranch in Firebaugh, California. It is expected to begin operating in late October, Dr. Rangarajan said.

Last month, that sale represented the largest solar pumping system to be scheduled for installation, but the new HydraCooler pump is six times larger than that, declared Kelly. The Company is currently in negotiation for even larger systems (500 hp) with other large farms, municipal water utilities and wineries, he said.

The system was introduced by WorldWater at the WorldAg Expo in Tulare, California in February and then demonstrated at the California State Fair (Farm Demo area) in August. State agriculture, water resources and air quality officials are in continuing communication with WorldWater for potential uses throughout California, according to Kelly.

WorldWater is a solar engineering and water management engineering company active in developing countries around the world, introducing its technology for drinking water and irrigation as well as electrical power for use in municipalities and rural areas.

The company is especially active in the Philippines, where its wholly owned subsidiary, WorldWater (Phils) Inc., has signed agreements for major irrigation and municipal water delivery for programs scheduled for implementation over several years, Kelly declared.

Source: WorldWater Corp.

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