Work underway at Australian cogen plant

Construction work is set to start at Mackay Sugar’s A$120 million (US$127 million) cogeneration plant in the town of Mackay in Queensland, Australia.

Mackay Sugar plans to replace its existing plant at the Racecourse Mill to generate enough clean, renewable power each year to achieve energy self-sufficiency and export electricity to the local grid.

Mackay Sugar anticipates the new cogeneration plant at the Racecourse Mill should be ready for commissioning in March 2012.

Once fully-functioning, up to 30% of the city of Mackay’s annual electricity supply could be generated through the innovative cogeneration project at its Racecourse sugar mill and refinery.

The plant will generate more than 90 MW of electricity from sugar cane waste and a new steam turbine generator to be installed at the mill will use bagasse (stored sugar cane waste) more productively than its traditional use in low efficiency boilers.

The plant will deliver 65 MW of thermal power to the Racecourse sugar mill and refinery, and will deliver 27 MW of energy to the Mackay city electricity network.

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