Construction begins on a 50 MW biomass-fueled cogeneration power plant at Domtar Corporation’s paper mill site in Rothschild, Wisconsin, US.

The new cogeneration facility will be designed to provide steam to the paper mill and is capable of providing a nominal power generation of 50 MW.

Domtar is partnering with We Energies, a Milwaukee-based electricity, natural gas and steam service provider, in the project.

Domtar currently burns 118,000 metric tonnes of clean woody biomass each year to generate steam for its papermaking process.

Domtar produces 45,000 tonnes of biomass through their papermaking process and purchases an additional 73,000 tonnes annually.

The new project will use an additional 336,000 tons of biomass annually.

We Energies anticipates that with the combination of the biomass facility’s air quality technology and the retirement of Domtar’s existing boilers, the new facility will reduce the overall emissions from the mill site by approximately 30%.

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