US multinational waste heat to power generation developer, ElectraTherm has installed one of its Green Machine waste heat converters at a biogas plant in Straznice, Czech Republic.

ElectraTherm distributor GB Consulting and biogas plant constructor EnviTec commissioned an ElectraTherm Green Machine to generate additional power and increase energy efficiency on site, and the machine has accrued more than 2,800 hours with greater than 97 per cent availability.

The Green Machine was added at a biogas power facility with a GE Jenbacher 412 internal combustion engine producing 844kWe.

The installation of the Green Machine is the first of its kind to connect the machine at the beginning of the heat loop, providing the Green Machine with higher waste heat temperatures to increase power output, while maintaining proper heat input to the anaerobic digesters.

The addition of the machine reduces the onsite electricity needed to reject excess heat through radiator fans. In combination with the electrical output of the Green Machine, this increases the plant efficiency by up to 8 per cent.

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