A new community energy initiative is to provide heat to a Strathcona County neighbourhood in Alberta, Canada, using the residual heat and synthetic gas from the process employed at the Edmonton waste-to-biofuels plant operated by Enerkem.

Enerkem’s biofuels plant, operated under the name of Enerkem GreenField Alberta Biofuels, will provide the residual heat and synthetic gas from its process as heating and cooling energy for residents and institutions in the Emerald Hills area. The project should reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 7,000 tonnes per year when operational in 2012.

The project received grant funding in the form of C$7.45 million from the Government of Alberta as part of the ecoTrust program.

Vincent Chornet, President and Chief Executive Officer of Enerkem, said: ‘This project demonstrates our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to providing communities and cities with innovative solutions to transform their household waste, which cannot be recycled or composted, into biofuels and green energy.’