Walmart on top thanks to on-site renewable strategy

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its quarterly rankings for renewable energy use and the stats read as good news for Walmart (NYSE: WMT), thanks to their commitment to on-site renewable energy.

The EPA yesterday released its quarterly rankings for renewable energy use and generation, revealing few surprises. Intel and Kohl’s, long the top firms on the list, continue to hold first and second place, respectively on the overall list of green power users.

Walmart, Whole Foods Market and Johnson & Johnson round out the top five in the list.

The retail giant has climed into the top five companies for renewable energy use. Three months ago they were in 15th place on the list, so the latest rankings represent a major leap forward. reports that the company shot up to third place in this quarter’s rankings, due in large part to its commitment to on-site renewable generation:

Walmart went from 8 per cent of gross power use generated from renewable energy sources in October 2011 to 28 percent in January 2012.

The investment in on-site renewable generation also bumped Walmart up on the EPA’s list of top 20 green power generators; last quarter, the company ranked fourth, with 1 per cent of total energy coming from green sources, while in the latest rankings Walmart is in second place and generates 4 per cent of its energy from renewables.

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