The UK’s Solarcentury has completed the installation of one of the largest ro-top solar power systems in Berlin, Germany.
The size of a large football pitch, the 305 kWp system was designed for the solar manufacturer Sulfurcell by Solarcentury, using Sulfurcell solar cell technology.
Solarcentury used its lightweight ‘Fast Sun’ framing system, to maximize the number of panels and increase returns from the roof to power the manufacture and development of Sulfurcell thin-film solar modules.
The owner and operator of the installation is btb Energie-versorgungsgesellschaft (btb Energie), a Berlin-based company that supplies decentralized energy systems for residential and commercial property using CHP and renewable energy plants.
Dr Nikolaus Meyer, CEO of Sulfurcell, said: ‘We chose to work with Solarcentury as it has unparalleled experience in building integrated solar system engineering which nicely fits to our modules being optimized for solar constructions.
‘Solarcentury and Sulfurcell have found the very best solution for integrating solar onto our building, using the low pitch Fastsun framing system ideal for generating significant power from the roof.’
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