wind farms india

Citigroup plans to lend, invest and facilitate deals worth $100 billion by 2025 to support projects involving renewable power, energy efficiency and sustainable transportation opportunities, Chief Executive Officer Michael Corbat said in a speech in New York.

The investment isIndian flag strategically based around a market for decentralised renewable energy in India predicted to be worth more than $150 million by 2018, while around 5 million residential solar systems are predicted to be sold in the country between last year and 2018, according to a new report.

The report, “The business case for off-grid energy in India,” authored by non-profit organization The Climate Group and investment bank Goldman Sachs, argues that using low carbon, off-grid renewable electricity and therefore being nearer the generation source can reduce transmission losses, as well as providing price stability and energy security.

Its writers attempted to “identify promising off-grid energy business models with the greatest potential for scale-up.”